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Winning Team

With the 2022 - 2023 Race Season over we received a nice Thank you from Mike. We look forward to another year of sponsorship during the 2023 - 2024 season.

Nice trophy haul turned up today from the Napa Central Muscle Car season. Unexpectedly there’s a rookie of the year in the middle. Huge thanks to all that run the class & run in the class, it’s been a great season awesome racing thanks guys. As always with racing it’s so much a team sport that brings all the family & friends together for fun times, I really appreciate all the help & support. There’s always a list of sponsors that help make it all happen too- these guys are amazing- Sean & the Marley team My Sis & the stangers @ Stang Media Lee from Diffs R Us Lance & the Arrow Wheels crew Wayne & P from Henderson Automotive Ltd that build the bulletproof motors in all our cars & have done for 15 years or so, you guys rock

Here’s hoping it can carry on for many more years. Car racing’s such a cool sport for old critters, once the helmet’s on you can’t hear everyone telling you your to old to go fast.


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